About me

Katy FoxleyI write domestic noir, romantic comedy and the occasional quirky urban fantasy. Under a much more boring name, I write feature articles for lifestyle magazines, scripts for video games, and contentĀ for websites, social media and ads.

I’m a member of Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) as well as some smaller writing groups, and in 2016 I won the RWA’s annual Emerald Pro Award for Best Unpublished Manuscript.

When I’m not writing anything at all, you’ll find me attached to my Kindle (book recommendations always welcome – get in touch!), watching movies, playing video games, piddling around on social media, coming in third (every time! What the hell?) at pub trivia nights, and planning to exercise but never actually exercising.

I live in Australia with a Welshman, an unfriendly python and two tabbies named Thor and Loki.

This comic from XKCD sums up how I feel about my life most of the time: